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Patagonia Telemark Festival & Tour 2018

Cerro Catedral - Cerró Chapelco - La hoya Ski Resorts, Cerro Catedral, Río Negro, Argentina

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The Facilitators

Diego Allolio
Event Organizer - PSIA Telemark 2 instructor

Diego is a PSIA Telemark 2 Instructor and is in charge of putting together the 'on the ground' resources for the PTF as well as co-leading tech clinics during the event. Diego is an Instructor Trainer for the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education, a AAGM Mountain Guide and NOLS instructor.

Tito Franco
PSIA Telemark Instructor Level 3

Tito has over 22 years of experience in ski resort hospitality. He has taught alpine skiing in Argentina, Aspen and Andorra. He is a trainer examiner for the AADIDESS and a PSIA telemark Level 3 instructor. He is the co-founder of Skimax ski school in Bariloche.

Scotty McGee
Former PSIA National Nordic Team Coach

Scotty is...inspirational! He has been Telemarking since 1987, and taught Tele since 1989, and Tele is his passion. With 28 years in ski instruction, he knows technique, and how to meet the needs all levels of skiers and different types of learners.
In summer, he teaches climbing and takes climbers up the Grand Teton for Exum Mountain Guides in Jackson, Wyoming. He is a Telemark coach and examiner in the PSIA (besides being an Alpine examiner as well, oh wait a minute, he is a Cross Country ski coach and examiner as well). Beyond accomplishments, he is helping us develop TELEMARK in the Andes.

Descripción del evento



El evento

The Patagonia Telemark Fest started as an aprés-ski conversation about spreading the love for Telemark in the Andes, by two instigators: Scotty McGee & Diego Allolio. In 2015, fifteen Telemarkers participated in the first PTF at Catedral. We want to invite you to participate in our 4th edition.


15 de septiembre de 2018

Patagonia Telemark Festival - Catedral día 1

Nos reunimos en el Tage Arriba para dar la bienvenida a nuestro Yoda Scotty McGee, recién llegado desde Jackson, Wyoming. Luego de re-calentar tendremos una revisión de lo que hicimos en el 2017 y formaremos unos grupos con un foco técnico en particular que incluirá Análisis de Movimientos utilizando filmación de videos con los celulares.
Almorzaremos en Punta Nevada a las 12:30. Luego haremos un poco de freeski y cerraremos el día con una cerveza en Cervecería el Mallín a las 18:30hrs! TODAS, TODOS Y TODES INVITADOS.
Comunicarse con Pato Juarez para ver tema equipos para amigos invitados: +54 9 294 4666123

16 de septiembre de 2018


Nos reunimos en Tage arriba a las 8.45 para armar grupos con diferentes focos. Almuerzo en Punta nevada a las 12:30
Sesión de Bier Garden en El Mallín a las 18:30hrs.

17 de septiembre de 2018


Nos reunimos en Tage arriba a las 8.45
Filmación y Análisis de Movimientos y Stepping Stones model

19 de septiembre de 2018

Patagonia Telemark TOUR: CHAPELCO

Today we will ski one of the finest resorts in Patagonia.
The day's focus will be to explore your own boundaries in your telemark, taking advantage of the smooth terrain, which allows for pushing some limits without getting hurt. Want to try that Telemark Switch? this is the day!

22 de septiembre de 2018

Welcome to the Catedral - Patagonia Telemark Fest

Introductions, agenda and focus discussion

Telemark Synchro team practice

The practice will focus on coordination to have a team represent Telemark for the first time ever in South America in such competition. The comp is organized by AADIDESS, the Argentine Ski instructor Association.

23 de septiembre de 2018

Rendezvous for working in separate focus groups

Working in your own level, will allow u to visualize and improve your movement analysis, as well as receive feedback from peers and instructors. Plan for the day, locations for lunch and the Synchro Competition.

24 de septiembre de 2018

Patagonia Telemark TOUR: LA HOYA

Want to join us linking the best resorts in the lake district of Patagonia?
Today we ski La Hoya ski resort, at Esquel, Chubut.
technical focus: strategizing technique adequate to conditions and terrain.

25 de septiembre de 2018

Patagonia Telemark TOUR: Backcountry day at MonteBianco

Today we'll hit the Backcountry at Montebianco, a small mechanized ops NW of the town of Esquel.
Technical focus: forward - aft separation in varying snow conditions.

28 de septiembre de 2018

Patagonia Telemark TOUR: CATEDRAL

Today we are in back in Catedral.
Carving in the AM and moguls at noon! Fresking before downloading 6ple to close the day with a local brew at El Establo deck.
Today you may pick what u want to reinforce before the closing ceremony for the 4th Patagonia Telemark Festival.

29 de septiembre de 2018

Patagonia Telemark Festival: CLOSURE

Hoy es la oportunidad para los Telemarkeros de Bariloche de pulir técnica en la búsqueda de la mejora constante, mirando al 2019!


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Ticket Precio Total Cantidad
Catedral 1 day - día
$25.00 USD
$25.00 USD $0.00 USD Cerrado
La Hoya - 1 day - día
$25.00 USD
$25.00 USD $0.00 USD Cerrado
Monte Bianco BackCountry
$25.00 USD
$25.00 USD $0.00 USD Cerrado
Catedral 2 days - días
$40.00 USD
$40.00 USD $0.00 USD Cerrado
Catedral - 3 days - días
$50.00 USD
$50.00 USD $0.00 USD Cerrado
Chapelco - 1 day - día
$25.00 USD
$25.00 USD $0.00 USD Cerrado
Catedral 4 días
$45.00 USD
$45.00 USD $0.00 USD Cerrado
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“Unleash your heels, and your mind will follow”

The Savy Tele Dog — Tele Love in times of Alpine talk
Cerro Catedral - Cerró Chapelco - La hoya Ski Resorts

Cerro Catedral, Río Negro, Argentina

2019 INSTRUCTOR TRAINING - Capacitación de Telemark PSIA