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Introduction to Investing in Technology Startups (Las Condes)

Las Condes Capital, Los Militares 5934, Las Condes, Chile

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Very high returns in startups go hand in hand with very high risks. Most startups fail, but so do most investors. Only 3% of investors make 90% of all profit in returns. 99,9% of angel investors fail. Understanding the risks and the basics of investing in tech startups will empower you to make better informed decisions, increasing dramatically the chances of success.

Learn the secrets practiced by the top successful investors in 90 minutes.


What will you learn?

  • What is a technology startup: software, hardware, ...
  • Tech Startup versus Real Estate (traditional investments)
  • Continuous failure by design
  • Picking winners
  • When to invest? Early stage versus later stage
  • Different types of startups: disruptive, clones, idiots, …
  • Scalable versus ultra-local
  • Managing risks
  • How to put a valuation on a technology startup
  • Investing contracts: Convertible notes versus Equity.
  • Why do startups fail?
  • The exit
  • What not to do as an investor.
  • 10 common mistakes by angel investors

Apply what you learned in reality

Meet the first Chilean startup European chapters of KOWN have invested in this month.

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Aleksandr Dresen

Serial entrepreneur (43), alumnus of Seedcamp and part of Startup Chile, invested in 19 startups (2 exists), founder of KOWN, the invite-only private European/US investor platform with a chapter in Santiago, who invests in 2 early stage technology startups per month.

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/dresena

Introduction to Investing in Startups

5 de mayo de 2015


Talk & Questions: Introduction to investing in early stage technology startups

Networking + Meet the founder of the 1st Chilean startup KOWN Europe invested in.

KOWN is part of Start-up Chile Generation 11

The Seattle Search Network has been including a great deal of new people just recently! https://t.co/CzpxeLAsNj

Las Condes Capital

Los Militares 5934, Las Condes, Chile