Hard Trail Huayhuash 2020

Huayhuash, Llamac, Perú

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Trail of 120 km non stop 9500 m +
Ultra Tour of the Cordillera Huayhuash (Peru)

  • 10 passes over 4300 m
  • 5 above 4800 m
  •  Altitude max 5000 m
  • In self-sufficiency
  • 5 Aid Stations
  • 1 life base
  • 120 bibs
  • 40 for the elite
  • 80 for amateurs justifying a 120 km with 7000 m + in less than 26h, or other possible reference after agreement of the organization. 160 km with 9000m in less than 30h or 100km with 5000m+ in less than 16h.   

     Pack from May 16 to 24, 2020 500 euros:
    this includes, running, accommodation 8 nights, 7 pdj, 2 dinners, 1 lunch, on-site transportation departing from the bus station north of Lima and entrances to the national parks. 350 euros for accompanying persons. Possibility to do the 26 km trail with 2000 m + 16/05 Arrival at the airport 22h30 Lima -Huaraz by bus 17/05 7:00 am: Arrival in Huaraz at 3052 m, transfer to the hotel where you will stay until the 20th / 05.At noon acclimatization in the Black Cordillera 20 km altitude 3800 m.     18/05 Breakfast Acclimatization at Laguna 69 at 4600 m, 20 km hike 19/05 breakfast Huaraz - Pastoruri Glacier hike from 10 km to 5000 m 20/05 breakfast. Huaraz (14h00) - Llamac (18h00) by bus, dinner, night under tent at 3300 m altitude.      21/05 breakfast 2 departure HardTrail at 6am and 9am 4 refuelings Km 26 and 2000 m + BH 8h Km 43 and 3500 m + BH 14h Km 66 and 5000 m + BH 20h 6000m + BH 26h Km 87 and  22/05 End of the race breakfast and lunch Shuttle 1 to Huaraz: 12:00 Shuttle 2 to Huaraz: 16:00 8:00 pm Closing meal and award ceremony Night at the hotel  23/05 Free 22:30 Huaraz- Lima 5:00 night bus. Ps: All the photos are of the huayhuash cordillera except the 2nd poster which is the Pastoruri glacier.

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Ticket Price Fee Total Quantity
$120.00 USD + $7.59 USD

Ticket race, transportation from Huaraz to start line and then back to Huaraz.

$120.00 USD $7.59 USD $0.00 USD Closed
$80.00 USD + $5.39 USD
$80.00 USD $5.39 USD $0.00 USD Closed
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Llamac, Perú