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2nd EFL Young Learners Conference

Fundación Telefónica, Providencia 111, Chile


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Conference Programme

6 de enero de 2017


Opening Ceremony - Auditorium

Opening Plenary: Sue Garton - Auditorium

"Teaching English to Young Learners: six challenges in search of a solution"

Coffee Break

Workshop Sessions A

• RICELT Panel – Auditorium
“Insights from local pedagogies on TEYL”
Facilitator: María Jesús Inostroza
• Workshop - Room A
“First Steps in Vocabulary: Online resources for kids”
Juan Molina Farfán
• Workshop - Room B
“Creative Education: Active Learners. Perfecting Teaching in the EFL classroom”
Paulina Bravo – Richmond
• Workshop – Room C
“Using ‘Interactive Notebooks’ in EFL classes”
Sebastián Abarca
• Research-based talks – Conference Room
- “Universal Design for Learning and Vocabulary Acquisition in Young Learners”
Jennie Popp
- “Shaping the early infusion of English into the state preschool classroom”
Brauchy, J., Boguez, C., Castillo, K., López, V. & Torres, C.

Workshop Sessions B

• Research-based talks - Auditorium
- “The importance of social interaction in the acquisition of vocabulary in the early years”
Karen Valenzuela
- “Speaking and its positive impact on L2 acquisition”
Teresa Lagos
• Workshop – Room A
“Magic or myth: Adding nuance to the age debate”
Annjeanette Martin
• Workshop – Room B
“Synthetic phonics: Making reading effective and fun for young learners”
Cynthia Garay - Books and Bits
• Workshop – Room C
“Teach English using simple resources and TPR”
Rosa Rodríguez
• Poster Session – Conference Room
“Strategies for teaching English to young learners”

Lunch Break

Plenary: Yasna Yilorm - Auditorium

“Developing Chilean children’s personality: Playful didactic strategies to find the way out!”

Workshop Sessions C

• Research-based talks – Auditorium
- “What did you say? Correcting pronunciation using music”
Carolina Muñoz Balladares
- “How to construct learning in children using games”
Roberto Figueroa Zúñiga
• Workshop – Room A
“Motivating and engaging students in the young learner English classroom”
Sue Garton
• Workshop – Room B
“Applying Storytelling in very young learners' lessons”
Claudia Pizarro
• Workshop – Room C
“The Use of EDpuzzle to flip your classes”
Margarita Aguayo
• Experience-based Talks – Conference Room
- “A Brand-new Approach to Elementary English Teacher Education in Chile”
Eric Gómez
- “Word study in action: supporting differentiated literacy instruction in grade 1”
- María Laura García

Coffee Break

Workshop Sessions D

• Research-based talks – Auditorium
- “Listen with your eyes. Can EFL teachers develop primary reading skills in young learners?”
Gabriela Jara Márquez
- “It´s my turn: A resource for teaching English in 5th and 6th grade in rural schools. How effective is it?”
Andrea Luci Alarcón
• Workshop – Room A
“Learning through content in primary ELT”
Carol Read
• Workshop – Room B
“Breaking down fears about teaching nursery rhymes, poems and stories”
Lorena Villalobos & Vanessa Merino
• Workshop – Room C
“Teaching english to young learners – Do’s and Don’ts”
Valeria Romero Hernández
• Poster Session – Conference Room
“Resources and approaches for teaching English to young learners”

7 de enero de 2017


Plenary: Darío Banegas - Auditorium

“The world around us: Teaching Science in primary education”

Coffee Break

Workshop Sessions E

• Fundación Oportunidad Panel – Auditorium
"Discussion with YL ELT Specialists"
Facilitator: Yali Horta
• Workshop – Room A
“How to grow a child’s mind: Fostering critical thinking”
Carolina Belmar - Oxford University Press
• Workshop – Room B
“Teacher develop CLIL materials and lesson plans”
Dario Banegas
• Research-based Talk – Room C
“English language teaching at the primary level in Chilean public schools: Can we bridge the gap and address social justice?”
Inostroza M.J, Yilorm, Y. & Barahona, M.
• Experience-based Talks – Conference Room
- “Teaching English through suitable stories”
María Kelly
- “Fostering reading habits and comprehension by using multimodal storytelling techniques”
Irene Ibacache & Ana María Mansilla

Closing Plenary: Carol Read - Auditorium

“Paths to literacy in the primary classroom”

Closing Ceremony & Raffle


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