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1st EFL Young Learners Conference 2015

Universidad San Sebastián - Campus Bellavista, Santiago - Bellavista 7, Recoleta, Chile

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El evento

El evento

Overall objective:

To provide teachers of English as a foreign language to young learners (at primary levels) with the opportunity for continuing professional development, through a face-to-face conference:

• To enable young learner teachers to take away new learning and understanding and practical skills, or to validate existing knowledge or understanding, to improve young learner teaching and learning in the classroom.
• To enable young learner teachers to take away new learning and understanding and practical skills to engage in their own continuing professional development (and of others).

Target audience:

In service English teachers from public and private sector teaching ages 5 – 13, English teacher training students, Ministry of Education representatives (PIAP), and University Teachers and Faculty.

The activity:

A 2 –day conference in Santiago focussing on English teaching at primary level in Chile. 8 international and national experts will be invited to present at a series of talks and workshops.
The conference will take place at a Universidad San Sebastian - Campus Bellavista.

The programme:

You can download your programme here https://goo.gl/pGRXjN 

Printed copies of the Final Programme will be available on the conference days in your Welcome Bags. All programmes (online/printed) are subject to last minute alterations in the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. We respectfully request your consideration and understanding should this occur. 

General Information:

Download the document with the whole information of the event here https://goo.gl/pGRXjN


Presenta a tus speakers


Plenary Speakers

Carol Read

A teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer with over 30 years’ experience in ELT. She has taught students of all ages and levels, from very young children to adults. Her experience includes teaching, teacher training and academic management posts in Venezuela, Portugal and Spain. She has also published extensively in the field of teaching English to young learners.
She currently works as a writer and international educational consultant advising on pre-primary and primary foreign language programmes, and delivering customised teacher education courses. She is Vice President of IATEFL.

Herbert Puchta

Dr. Herbert Puchta has a PhD in English – with a focus on ELT pedagogy. He has been Professor of English at the Teacher Training University in Graz. He is a full time writer and teacher trainer. He has been a plenary speaker at numerous international conferences, and has conducted workshops and given seminars in more than 30 countries.
For almost three decades, he has carried out research into the practical application of findings from cognitive psychology to the teaching of English as a foreign language. Herbert has co-authored a number of bestselling course books for the teaching of English as a foreign language, and written numerous articles and resource books.
Until recently, Herbert was President of IATEFL.

Graham Stanley

Graham Stanley has been a teacher at the British Council Young Learner Centre in Barcelona, and coordinator of the IATEFL Learning Technologies Special Interest Group. He has been a teacher for over 19 years and has an MEd In ELT & Educational Technology. He is co-author of the book Digital Play: computer games and language aims (Delta Publishing).
He is currently based in Montevideo, Uruguay where he manages the Plan Ceibal project for the British Council.

Gail Ellis

Gail Ellis is Adviser Young Learners and Quality for the British Council globally and has over 30 years’ experience in English language teaching. She is co-author of Tell it Again! The Storytelling Handbook for Primary English Language Teachers recently republished in its third edition by the British Council and The Primary English Teacher’s Guide published by Penguin Longman.

Susan Hillyard

B.Ed.(Hons) Warwick University (U.K.) has work experience in seventeen countries as a teacher, director, speaker, workshop facilitator, consultant, researcher, on-line tutor. She was Prof. Language IV in Lenguas Vivas and UTN, Bs As. She is a NILE Associate Trainer, in Norwich, UK. She has co-authored a Resource Book for Teachers Global Issues for OUP and TDI-TKT On-line Course for Pearson, New York. Moderator EVO Drama on-line course for TESOL and on-line tutor on the Masters in ELT, La Sabana University, Colombia. Now coordinator: English in Action, teaching English through Drama in Special Education, Ministry of Education, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sandie Mourão

Sandie has lived and worked in Portugal since 1987, where she is a teacher educator, author and consultant with a PhD in didactics and teacher education from the University of Aveiro. She specialises in early years language education and picturebooks in language learning and is particularly interested in reader response and classroom-based research. Sandie is author of a number of language learning courses and resource books and is the co-author of the guidelines for primary English education in Portugal. She is also co-editor of the CLELEjournal an open access online journal, which supports the integration of children’s literature and language learning: http://clelejournal.org/. Sandie keeps an award winning blog, Picturebooks in ELT, http://picturebooksinelt.blogspot.com/, which promotes the use of picturebooks with language learners of all age groups.

Lucrecia Prat

Lucrecia co-founded Río de la Plata Sur School and is its Head of English. Lucrecia is a Neurosicoeducator, with a Self-Esteem Practioner Degree and has been successfully putting the brain-friendly model into practice for the last fourteen years.
She is an international Teacher Trainer for Oxford University Press and a Speaker for Asociación Educar. Her first book “From Passion to action” will be printed shortly.

Claudia Rey

Claudia was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and started off her teaching career as an ELT teacher for Primary School. She later became a Secondary School ELT teacher and a college lecturer in Children´s Literature.
She has been a NILE trainer since 2007 specializing in the areas of Teaching Young Learners, CLIL for Primary Teachers, CLIL for Secondary Teachers and Teaching English through Literature in Secondary School. She is also an online course designer and tutor.
Claudia is a practising teacher at an international school, so her work as a teacher trainer is deeply rooted in her experience as a classroom teacher.


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Conference Programme

3 de octubre de 2015


Hall USS Bellavista

Welcome and Child Protection Message

Aula Magna

Plenary 1: Carol Read - Macmillan "How to promote creativity in the young learner classroom"

Aula Magna USS


Exhibition Hall - 3rd Floor

Workshop Sessions A

• Gail Ellis - British Council "Using children’s literature to develop autonomy" Room: A-304
• Susan Hillyard - British Council "Dynamic drama techniques for primary EFL teaching" Room: A-308
• Herbert Puchta - Cambridge University Press "Success strategies in the primary ELT classroom: 10 powerful ways to step up your students’ learning outcomes" Room: A-309
• Andrew Sheehan "This is how children learn – anything, everything, languages" Room: A-301
• Jacqueline Rondon - Oxford University Press "Decoding the Secret Neophonics Language" Room: A-302
• Dave Tucker - Books & Bits "Vamos a emocionarse! Fijación de idiomas en el cerebro del niño" Room: A-303
• Sian Jerrett "Getting your Young Learners to Speak" Room: A-305
• Carla Bustos - British Council “How to use free British Council resources with your Young Learners" Room: B-301

Plenary 2a: Graham Stanley - British Council "Innovations in Learning Technologies with Young Learners"

Aula Magna

Plenary 2b: Lucrecia Prat - Oxford University Press "Building Better Brains"



Not included

Plenary 3: Sandie Mourão - NILE "The potential of picturebooks for young learners"

Aula Magna

Workshop sessions B

• Carol Read - Macmillan Education"Developing intercultural competence with children" Room: A-304
• Sandie Mourão - NILE ELT "Empathy and respect for difference: a picturebook lesson" Room: A-308
• Claudia Rey - NILE ELT "Spice it Up!: Using cartoons, comic strips and trailers to motivate young learners" Room: A-309
• Charlie Telsaire - Oxford University Press "Neuroyoga 4 Kids and Teachers" Room: A-301
• Carla Bustos - British Council "Teaching Speaking to Young Children: Practical Ideas" Room: A-302
• Graham Stanley - British Council "Digital Game-Based Language Learning" Room: A-303
• Ignacio Rojas - Grupo Educativo Inglesa "Loving energy, caring for peace: TPR secrets" Room: A-305
• Jennifer Verschoor -Trinity "Using Technology to Promote Higher Order Thinking Skills" Room: B-301


Exhibitions Hall - 3rd Floor

Plenary 4: Gail Ellis - British Council "Teaching children how to learn"

Aula Magna

4 de octubre de 2015


Hall USS Bellavista

Plenary 5: Susan Hillyard - British Council "From “I can’t!” to “I can!!!!” Multisensory ELT for Inclusive Classrooms"

Aula Magna


Exhibition Hall - 3rd Floor

Plenary 6: Herbert Puchta - Cambridge University Press "The importance of values in teaching English to young learners"

Aula Magna

Plenary 7: Claudia Rey - NILE "Flying trapeze: the challenge of teaching young learners in the 21st Century"

Aula Magna

Closing Ceremony - Raffle

Aula Magna


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Es increíble poder volver a organizar este evento, hace rato no estaba tan motivado en todo lo que estoy haciendo.


Que no falte nadie!, indícales la ubicación de tu evento

Universidad San Sebastián - Campus Bellavista

Santiago - Bellavista 7, Recoleta, Chile